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*Previously called SNAP-Ed (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education)

In 2013, CSS was selected by the California Department of Public Health to implement and administer the SNAP-Ed Program in Mono County.


Program services include the teaching of USDA-approved nutrition education and physical activity lessons to low-income students, parents, and community members; presentations of healthy food and beverage information at various school and community events; delivery of nutrition education lessons and healthy recipe taste testing at the county's emergency food distribution sites; adoption and implementation of policy, systems, and environmental changes, such as the creation of school gardens and the strengthening of school wellness policies; delivery of healthy food and beverage messaging via community and school newsletters, website, informational displays at county locations; and collaboration with fellow members of the Mono County Nutrition and Physical Activity Taskforce, in efforts to decrease rates of obesity, increase access to healthy foods, and increase food security.


In 2013, CSS began managing the SNAP-Ed Program for Mono County. A few years later in 2017, staff started implementing the SNAP-Ed Program for Alpine County and in 2018, CSS began managing Inyo County's Snap-Ed Program. 

** Click the link below if you are interested in becoming a part of Mono County Nutrition Physical Activity Taskforce. NPAT


Alpine County


Partnerships / Coalitions: 

Interagency Meeting

Health & Wellness Coalition 

Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

Behavioral Health

Health & Human Services 

Still partners with ..??? 

Suicide Prevention Awareness 


Alpine Kids

Alpine Watershed Group

Live Violence Free

Washoe Tribe

First 5

Markleeville Library


Diamond Valley Elementary School

 Bear Valley Elementary School

Mono County

Partnerships / Coalitions: 

Nutrition and Physical Activity Take Force (NPAT)

Multi-Cultural Committee


Behavioral Health

 Social Services

First 5

Mammoth Disposal

Walker Wellness Center

Still partners with ..??? 

Wild Iris

Mammoth Hospital

Cerro Coso Community College

Safe Kids

Walker Community Center

Walker Senior Center



 Antelope Elementary School

 Bridgeport Elementary School

 Coleville High School

 Edna Beaman Elementary School

 Lee Vining Elementary School

Lee Vining High School

 Mammoth Elementary School

 Mammoth Middle School

 Mammoth High School

Inyo County 

Partnerships / Coalitions: 

Team Inyo


Senior Center?

Community Center?


Bishop Elementary School

Home Street Middle School

 Lo Inyo Elementary School

 Lone Pine High School

Round Valley Joint Elementary School

Big Pine Elementary School

Big Pine High School

 Owens Valley Elementary School

 Owens Valley High School