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Past Projects & Grants

County Medical Services Program (CMSP)

Wellness & Prevention Pilot Project

CSS began implementing the CMSP Wellness & Prevention Pilot Project in Mono and Alpine Counties in 2017.


In Mono County, program services include educating and referring vulnerable and/or low-income uninsured residents to necessary health and wellness resources;  assistance with applications for public assistance, especially low-cost or no cost CMSP or Medi-Cal health insurance; and access to services for indigent residents by providing vouchers for local public transportation. CSS staff reach out to residents and families at Mono County emergency food distributions, WIC locations, public health clinics, behavioral health clinics, the county jail, schools, and other community events/locations. 


In Alpine County, the focus of the CMSP Wellness & Prevention Pilot Project is improving the health and wellness of uninsured, vulnerable residents, many of whom are American Indian. CSS staff members provide diabetes education classes twice per month; host a monthly Diabetes Support Group and healthy cooking class;  participate in a bi-monthly Walking Club; create and distribute a monthly newsletter with information about diabetes, local public assistance programs, health insurance options, and other resources; host informational booths at community events; and provide assistance with health insurance enrollment and referrals to other wellness resources.  

Health Navigator Project, DHCS

CSS began receiving funds from DHCS in October 2020 to help enroll residents in Medi-Cal. Staff began distributing information and assisting signing up for Medi-Cal health insurance around Mono County.


CSS has implemented and/or facilitated many other successful programs and/or projects over the course of its eighteen year history, including establishing IHSS Registries in three different California counties; the writing of annual Child Welfare County System Improvement Plans (SIP) for two counties; the writing of overall County Self Assessments for two counties; the complete restructuring of a county Child Welfare Department; the writing of a county-wide evacuation plan; enrollment of vulnerable residents in Medi-Cal health insurance through a grant by CMSP; and the creation of an onsite school beauty salon for at-risk high school students, as well as the writing of a grant to allow access to professional therapy for those same at-risk students.

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